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Honor and Duty: All Out War Edition

Honor And Duty: D-Day All Out War Edition Now Slated for November Retail Release

Only in EU territories, North America will have to wait a little longer.

A couple of months ago VRFocus reported on Perp Games and Strange Games announcing a retail version of multiplayer shooter Honor and Duty would be coming to PlayStation VR in September called Honor and Duty: D-Day All Out War Edition. That never happened, but today they’ve announced a new date for the European launch which will take place next month.

Honor and Duty

Honor and Duty: D-Day All Out War Edition isn’t some quick cash grab by releasing a physical version. This edition has been jam-packed with stuff to make it a tantalising purchase for PlayStation VR owners this festive season.

Containing both Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition and Honor and Duty: D-Day, they’ve both had a complete graphical overhaul as shown in these screenshots. It’ll also include the as-yet unreleased D-Day single-player expansion. Both versions will support VR and non-VR modes. As an added treat Honor and Duty: D-Day All Out War Edition will also contain exclusive digital extras.

Both titles offer different gameplay experiences. Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition offers Team Fortress style gameplay, where players can gradually unlock four character classes, Infantry, Medic, Heavy and Engineer, as they’re promoted. Kills earn them in-game currency which can then be spent on various weapons such as rocket launchers, machine guns and rifles. There’s even the option to train soldiers so particular objectives can be attained.

Honor and Duty

Honor and Duty: D-Day then kicks that action up a notch adding modes such as Team Deathmatch, Attack and Defend and Battle Royale, allowing for 32 player online matches. It’ll also include additional maps, new weapons and the option for players to jump into planes, jeeps and tanks.

Excited by the growing success of Honor and Duty, Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games said in a statement: “Strange Games have built a series of games beloved by the VR Community. The continued success of Honor and Duty has been incredible to watch and we’re delighted to work with Reggie to take the next step with this franchise.”

Honor and Duty: D-Day All Out War Edition is now scheduled for a 29th November launch across European territories. A North American release date is still to be announced. When that happens VRFocus will let you know.

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