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Horror Franchise Syren Finally Comes to PlayStation VR in Europe

Hammerhead VR delayed the EU launch to make improvements.

Hammerhead VR’s underrated sci-fi horror Syren wasn’t a massive success when it arrived in 2017 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, offering a stealthy experience under the sea. A few months later Episode 2 arrived mixing up the gameplay with action elements. A PlayStation VR version arrived for North American gamers in November 2018 but it never appeared in the European PlayStation Store. Today that has been rectified, with both episodes now available in one bundle.


Syren was an original IP from the virtual reality (VR) specialist and its first proper videogame, having previously released experiences like ABEThe story takes place beneath the waves on the ocean floor, involving a scientist obsessed with eugenics who builds an underwater research facility named Darwin Station. Studying an ancient lost city, he conducts horrific experiments in an attempt to recreate the lost species of ‘Syrens’. Naturally, he succeeds and what he creates aren’t friendly, so you’re sent down to find out what’s going on.

So the first instalment is pure stealth, as you’re not some badass marines armed to the teeth. While there are moments where you might find a weapon, these are very rare, hiding and sneaking are really your only option. Make a noise or get spotted by a Syren and it’s usually instant death, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Check out VRFocus’ full review of Syren to learn more.

Then there’s Syren: Episode 2 which offers a flip in the gameplay experience. Without trying to ruin too much, in episode 2 you return to the facility because the CIA is less interested in the experiments but more the mysterious ‘Anomaly’ that sits at the heart of the ruins, and this time you’re a hardcore soldier and you have guns lots of guns. Heading back through the lab, there are plenty more Syrens to encounter. There’s no need to run and hide this time, killing them and collecting stuff means you can head to a very well-stocked armoury to upgrade your weapons.

Syren Episode 2

Syren is available today via the EU PlayStation Store supporting PlayStation VR for £11.99 GBP. It’s only compatible with PlayStation Move controllers. For any further updates on Syren from Hammerhead VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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