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The VR Game Launch Roundup: Spooks, Synths & Saloons – a Final Hurrah for October

Another bevvy of VR beauties.

As October draws to a close, VRFocus brings you a roundup of the last videogames of the month, and it should come as no surprise that this week’s roundup plays host to a series of spooky titles. Also make sure to check out our freshly-made accompanying video compilation, and make sure to check out our full coverage of all things VR at the AWE and EGX events over the past week.

Journey For Elysium

Journey For Elysium – Mantis Games

In this story-driven VR adventure, you find yourself in a ghost-like state somewhere between life and death. Embark on a journey to reach the Elysium. Filled with Greek and Roman mythology, use your wisdom to beat any obstacle or elaborate puzzle that blocks your goal of redemption.

Pagan Peak VR – anotherworld GmbH

Finding yourself trapped in a mysterious alpine cabin by the evil Krampus, you take on the role of a criminal profiler who must survive by exploring every inch of the cabin and solve a series of riddles left by a killer. This escape room thriller is a desperate fight for survival which makes full use of all interactions VR can offer.

Pagan Peak VR

Reiko’s Fragments – Pixel Canvas Studios

Reiko’s Fragments involves both VR and smartphone users, with VR players fighting to escape the horrors of a haunted house, and smartphone users fighting back by playing as the house itself! Coming to Early Access, by involving smartphone users alongside the VR player, this unique horror title could help introduce a whole new generation to the world of VR.

Synth Riders – Kluge Interactive

Dance to the beat and burn calories as the 80s cyberpunk-themed Synth Rider makes its way onto multiple headsets. Featuring a host of catchy new exclusive tunes, you find yourself in this unique world where Synthwave music has taken over.

Synth Riders

Root Beer On Tap – Hypernoodle Games

It’s up to you to pour and serve as many customers as you can in this unique arcade-style VR title. Avoiding breaking glasses throughout the 17 featured. With easy ‘pick up and play’ controls, you will find yourself serving root beer to thirsty bar-goers all over the world!

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