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Styly AR App

Styly’s new AR App Offers Immersive Art on the go

2020 will then add more interactive features.

Japanese developer Psychic VR Lab launched its cloud-based virtual reality (VR) platform Styly in 2017, enabling customers to build immersive content through a simple, easy to use drag and drop interface. Today, the company has expanded into augmented reality (AR) releasing a mobile app to view AR art.

Styly AR App

To start with, the app will feature an art piece called World’s End Supernova created by the XR spatial designer “Discont” – who won the Parco VR content award at the 2018 NEWVIEW Awards. The artwork will change based on the user’s surroundings, with natural, green environments offering a similar theme, while more industrial settings likewise.

The piece is also interactive, with users able to change the ending depending on what they tap on screen or how they tilt the device. As such, World’s End Supernova offers a replay factor to entice multiple viewings.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it’s the features coming next year which will most likely interest creatives. In Spring 2020 Psychic VR Lab will be releasing a tool so that you can create and publish your own AR content without any programming knowledge. While further details of the tool have yet to be released, it’ll probably feature a similar drag and drop interface to the VR editor.


Styly AR App

World’s End Supernova will also be part of the Shibuya Parco XR Showcase, combining art, fashion and culture with VR and AR technologies. Discont’s artwork will be a permanent fixture – QR codes will be used – while #calif SHIBUYA will be a more limited piece. A collaborative piece between Calif and graphic artist Stereo Tennis, once guests scan the QR code a giant picture fills the wall, with objects then popping out to fill the space.

These are obviously examples of what you’ll be able to do with Styly’s new AR app once the creative tool becomes available next year. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Styly, reporting back with the latest app updates.

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