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Teslasuit Unveils new VR Glove Ahead of CES 2020

The gloves feature integrated force feedback and haptic technology.

There’s just over a week to go until the biggest technology event CES 2020 opens its doors once again, showcasing the very latest gadgets from around the world. Some companies have already begun announcing their latest products to be on display including virtual reality (VR) immersion specialist Teslasuit. It’ll take its new Teslasuit Glove for the first public debut.


Working either in conjunction with the Teslasuit unit or completely separate, the enterprise-focused gloves have been designed to make VR even more immersive with a range of specialized features. These include haptics on each finger for texture and touch effects, and an exoskeleton providing force feedback; thus allowing grasped digital objects to feel like they’re really there.

Biometric feedback is another feature which companies may find useful, capturing real-time data of a user’s emotional state, heart rate and stress level depending on the application. For those that do want to use the gloves with the Teslasuit, connectivity is made easy thanks to built-in WiFi.

“We’ve created the Teslasuit Glove to expand XR-training capabilities. But the array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. Teslasuit Glove will hit the market in 2nd hаlf 2020; we have already been transforming the XR industry and now we are empowering the user to do so much more,” said Teslasuit in a statement.


Details on how much the new Teslasuit Gloves will cost have yet to be revealed. As this is a business-oriented product the cost will likely be in keeping with devices like HoloLens 2 ($3000 USD), Magic Leap 1 ($2995) or Manus Prime Haptic (€5000 EUR).

With a design that’s very similar to Dexta Robotics’ Dexmo Enterprise Edition gloves which launched earlier this year, VRFocus will be at CES 2020 to test the Teslasuit Glove and see if it lives up to the PR claims.

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