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The Best Oculus Quest Games of 2019

It’s only been 7 months yet there’s plenty to choose from.

Oculus Quest has been the standout success of 2019, with consumers eager to buy the headset and developers equally eager to supply the standalone device with content. Not only does the device have its own dedicated store but thanks to Oculus Link all of Oculus Rift’s content is also available. For this roundup of the best Oculus Quest videogames, VRFocus is purely going to concentrate on those made for the headset, allowing you to enjoy untethered VR gaming freedom.

Beat Saber - Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest may have only been available for seven months but it has already made an impact on the VR scene. The store may be highly curated but there are plenty of videogames worth your time across a range of genres and skill levels.

The Best Oculus Quest Games of 2019:

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

You could almost say this is three videogames in one, but as each is roughly around 45 minutes long and you need to play all of them to unravel the full story. While Star Wars fans will certainly get the greatest joy out of playing Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series thanks to its story being canon material, even those that aren’t bothered about the franchise should still have fun playing with lightsabers and using the force.

Beat Saber

While the popular rhythm-action title couldn’t be included in VRFocus’ PlayStation VR ‘Best of 2019’ list, Beat Saber can most certainly be included here, as it was a launch title for Oculus Quest. Leading its genre Beat Saber needs little introduction as its simple yet addictive gameplay cutting cubes with a sword has struck a chord with VR gamers across the world.

There’s a reasonable selection of included songs plus a load of DLC tracks available to expand the selection. Beat Saber is one of those titles which has become a de facto addition to most gamers libraries no matter the platform and the Oculus Quest version is no different.

rocket league - beatsaberPistol Whip

Another rhythm-action videogame, this time from the studio behind The Gallery puzzle series, Cloudhead Games. Only released in November, Pistol Whip has already garnered quite the reputation as a non-stop action shooter inspired by the likes of John Wick. 

You can choose to shoot or melee enemies whilst dodging incoming bullets like a badass, all to a thumping soundtrack and some intense visuals. Modifiers help to change the gameplay, adding dual-wield weapons or removing the aim assist to increase the score multiplier. If Beat Saber isn’t quite your thing then Pistol Whip could well scratch that gaming itch, a first-person shooter (FPS) with flair.

Pistol WhipThe Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

A small side project by Apex Construct developer Fast Travel Games, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a cute puzzler with light challenges designed for all ages.

It may have only got three-stars in VRFocus’ review but that does mean to say its not worthy to be on this list. While The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a little short, the design and ideas employed are definitely worth a look, each level a small diorama to be spun around, peered into and investigated. Charming and cute, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets will put a smile on your face.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen PetsGadgeteer

Another puzzle-based experience, Gadgeteer is a far more elaborate affair than others on this list. Gameplay mechanics revolve around Rube Goldberg machines, using a series of gadgets to build elaborate contraptions. Offering a single-player campaign to teach you the ropes, the sandbox mode is where most players will spend their time, offering free rein to create whatever machines you so please with the 50+ items available.

VRFocus said in its review: “Gadgeteer isn’t going to be for everyone, much like being a watchmaker. It’s finicky, time-consuming and puzzling all at the same time. They’re also the reasons why Gadgeteer is a puzzle gem for Oculus Quest.”

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

So far this list has purely been about single-player VR videogames so let’s change that with Acron: Attack of the Squirrels by Resolution Games. Multiplayer only, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels is at its best with a few friends and family over, all playing locally.

The Oculus Quest player takes the role of a tree trying to protect several golden acorns while everyone else is a mischevious squirrel trying to steal them. The non-VR players join in via a free mobile app and up to eight can team up at once, offering some highly entertaining gameplay, with everyone laughing and shouting as they succeed and fail.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

Shadow Point

More puzzling escapades, this time from Coatsink with Shadow PointWith a story narration by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, this British studio has previously released some excellent VR videogames and Shadow Point continues that trend.

Trying to unravel the mystery of a missing schoolgirl you head to Shadow Point observatory before being whisked to the heavens, tasked with solving evermore elaborate puzzles which play with light and shadows.

If you’ve tried The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets and want greater depth and difficulty then Shadow Point is a good step to take, providing a solid few hours of entertainment (depending on whether you get stuck of course).

Shadow Point

Journey of the Gods

If you’re looking for a Legend of Zelda-like VR experience on Oculus Quest then Journey of the Gods is worth a look. With a bold cel-shaded style, there are big monsters to fight, people to save, weapons to upgrade and lands to explore. Everything that you could want or need in a VR adventure.

VRFocus noted in its review of Journey of the Gods: “Showcasing what’s best about VR adventuring, the title is ideal for those who want to make the most of their new headset purchase, with decent gameplay, narrative and fantasy feel.” Not one to be missed this festive season.

Journey of the Gods

Thrill of the Fight

There are quite a few ways to burn calories in VR as this list very well proves and Thrill of the Fight offers the most intensive workout here. Boxing fans will find a barebones experience with training and career modes available. There are no flashy gimmicks here, you need to block, watch your footwork and time those punches for maximum effect – no waving your arms wildly hoping for success.

Do a couple of fights back to back and you’ll soon start to notice if you don’t work out much. Thrill of the Fight is very much a videogame which relies on roomscale, as you’ll need a minimum of 2m x 2m to play. More is preferable, otherwise, during the heat of a match, you’re likely to hit a wall.

Originally a PC VR title released in 2016, Thrill of the Fight has translated well for those wishing for an energetic experience.

YUR - Thrill of the Fight

Synth Riders

Noticing a theme here? Yes, here’s another rhythm-action videogame for those that love to expel some energy. Synth Riders differentiates itself from Beat Saber and Pistol Whip with Synth Wave tunes for that retro 80s feel.

This might be another arm swinger but its still great fun, and there are several modes and modifiers to change the gameplay mechanics. There’s a little more of a cheese factor with Synth Riders which is fine by VRFocus as the tunes just make you want to bop along.

Synth Riders might not be as well known as the other two but that’s no reason to dismiss it, plus its the cheapest of the three.

Synth Riders

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