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bHaptics Tactsuit

CES 2020 Interview: bHaptics Moves Towards Consumer Haptics

It’s now even easier to get a haptic vest.

Gamers are used to haptic feedback in their controllers, rumbling away to indicate actions. When it comes to virtual reality (VR), haptic feedback can make an experience even more engaging, especially when this involves the entire body. bHaptics is one such company offering a solution for those that really strive for immersive gaming, with its Tactsuit system. During CES 2020 bHaptics announced it was even easier to delve into this new world, as its haptic vest became available on Amazon. 

bHaptics Tactsuit

bHaptics Tacksuit is an entire system designed for haptic immersion, with the main component being the Tactot vest. Featuring 40 individually controllable haptic points, wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) and an adjustable waistband which can accommodate 26″ to 50″ waists, the vest retails for $499 USD. Previously only available through bHaptics website and marketed towards enterprise users such as location-based venues (LBE), the company is now eyeing up more consumer sales thanks to its Amazon availability.

As mentioned there’s more to the system than just the vest – the only component available on Amazon – allowing gamers to go for the full-body experience if they so chose (have the money). There’s the Tactal, a haptic face cushion which supports a range of headsets including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Pimax for $149.00. Or how about the Tactosy which comes in arm, hand and feet versions for $249.00, completing the full-body coverage.

One of the latest updates bHaptics announced during the event was its audio-to-haptic features for 7.1 sound channel. bHaptics’ software automatically converts sound output of content into haptic feedback in real-time and supports both 7.1 channel and stereo sound system. Users are able to customize a wide range of frequencies, selecting certain frequencies if they so choose.

bHaptics Tactsuit

When it comes to VR support the latest titles compatible with Tactsuit are Sairento Untethered and Thrill of the Fight, both of which are now available on Oculus Quest.

Check out the interview with bHaptics’ Jeniffer L for some further information. As the company releases further updates, VRFocus will let you know.

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