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VR League

First Season of Echo Arena VR Master League Begins Next Week, Registrations Still Accepted

An Echo Arena Boot Camp is taking place tomorrow for newbies.

Ready At Dawn’s arena multiplayer has been available for almost three years now, building up a dedicated community of esports players in the process. Next week will see the start of the Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1 and there’s still time to register. There’s even a Boot Camp taking place on this Saturday for new players or those who want to brush up on their skills.

VR League

The VR Master League is based around a ladder system so as not to discourage inexperienced players from participating by coming up against pro teams. This ensures equally matched teams are pitted against one another for a fun, competitive game. A flexible structure is in place enabling team captains to arrange matches at suitable times during each week. A minimum of two are required each week although more can be played.

For this Echo Arena tournament, the matches are set up as 4v4, consisting of three ten-minute rounds. Even if the scores sit at 2-0 the third is still played due to the scoring system.

When it comes to taking part new players can participate as either a substitute, by creating a team or joining an existing team on the Echo Arena VR Master League website. Teams are still recruiting across various regions for those interested. If you are taking part for the first time then you’ll probably want to take part in the boot camp tomorrow.

VR League

Beginning at 12pm PT / 3:00 pm EST (8pm GMT) the camp will be taught by C-Jason and IS0LAT3, while special guest instructors VTSxKING and Cruisen will be on hand to teach goalie skills. Sign up to the Echo Arena VRML Boot Camp here and head on over to the Echo Games Discord server to connect with the community.

They’ll be going through the following gameplay basics:

  • Shooting practice
  • Block drill
  • Boop / Kungg shots
  • Offensive setups
  • Defensive setups
  • Goalie skills
  • Midfield coverage

If you can’t attend the boot camp coaches are available for individual players or for team mentoring. Just message either Kungg, SingleShot12349, AndyW_ or MoJolly via Discord.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR esports, reporting back with the latest updates.

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