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PlatformaVR - The Arrival

LBE Specialist PlatformaVR Rebrands to Joy Way, Moves Into Home Content Development

The company with be exclusively making videogames for home headsets.

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) developers the general trend usually starts with making one or two titles for home headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, hopefully making some money in the process. As that can still be tricky, then branching out into either licensing or producing content for location-based entertainment (LBE) purposes to build a revenue stream. PlatformaVR, on the other hand, has chosen the opposite path by moving from LBE into home content, rebranding to Joy Way in the process.

Brain vs ZombiesPlatformaVR started back in 2017 by opening its first location in Moscow, adding further locations across the course of 2018/19. In a similar vein to others in the sector like The VOID, PlatformaVR went down the route of creating exclusive content instead of using content distribution platforms such as Synthesis VR or SpringboardVR, developing The Poisoner, The Arrival and Match for customers to enjoy. 

It was last year that the company began delving into the home consumer market by releasing titles like Wave Circles and  Mace and Grace. Those early endeavours have now become the sole focus as PlatformaVR abandons LBE and becomes Joy Way to mark its new turning point.

Confirming the news in an email to VRFocus, Joy Way’s Elena Kadyshkina said: “All titles that had been developed for location-based facilities were sold to our partners so that, moving forward, we can focus exclusively on development of VR games for home use.”

Change RangerCurrently, Joy Way has two VR videogames in development, Brain vs Zombies and Change RangerBrain vs Zombies is a puzzle shooter where you have to kill each level’s weird looking (avocado-shaped) zombies using a limited number of bullets. Puzzles won’t necessarily involve shooting the zombies directly, either calculating the rebound trajectory, having to blow something up or knocking one into another for example. 

Change Ranger is all about time manipulation. Taking the role of a time hacker who can freeze time, you’re placed in scenarios where you’re outnumbered and outgunned. Using those time skills you can make changes to the world so when the time flow is restored you’re no longer in danger.

Both titles are scheduled for launch in February across Steam and Oculus stores. At the moment a demo is available for both on their respective Steam pages. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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