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PlayStation VR Exclusive Iron Man VR Delayed Until May 2020

The title was originally due to arrive next month.

Originally revealed almost a year ago during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s debut State of Paly broadcast, Camouflaj’s  Iron Man VR was due to launch later next month on 28th February. Today, the studio has confirmed that will no longer happen, delaying its arrival by three months. 

Iron Man VR

In a Twitter posting the studio explained: “In order to deliver on our vision and meet the high expectations of our amazing community, we’ve made the difficult decision to move Marvel’s Iron Man VR to a May 15, 2020 release. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. You’ll be hearing from us again soon!”

No further details have so far been released but as is the way in the videogame industry Camouflaj most likely wanted to add further polish to the experience. Just like the tweet said, expectations are high with such a flagship IP, especially since previous demos have elicited positive responses.

VRFocus demoed the early training level at Gamescom 2019, commenting that Iron Man fans should be excited about this instalment: “Iron Man VR could very well be one of PlayStation VR’s biggest hits.”

Iron Man VR

The PlayStation VR exclusive has been available for pre-order for several months, with both digital and physical versions being sold.

Offering an original storyline to the movies in Iron Man VR: “Tony Stark has retired from making weapons and instead creates technology used to battle evil as Iron Man. After several years as a world-famous Super Hero, Tony is attacked by the mysterious Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who repurposes old Stark Industries weapons. In her efforts to topple his empire, Ghost attacks Stark’s corporate locations around the world, leading to ever-escalating stakes and a final showdown.”

Using PlayStation Move controllers players will have the chance to fly like Iron Man, going supersonic through the clouds then agilely evading enemies before blasting them with those hand cannons or dashing in for a finishing blow. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Iron Man VR, reporting back with all the latest updates and announcements.

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