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Area Man Lives

Become a Vocal Radio DJ in Quirky Drama Area Man Lives Later This Year

It’ll support a range of headsets including Oculus Quest.

Way back in 2016 Google launched a mobile headset called Daydream View and as part of the initial lineup of titles was a little virtual reality (VR) mystery called Untethered by Numinous Games. Google may have abandoned the headset in 2019 by ceasing sales and Pixel 4 dropping support, the studio has decided to give the videogame a new lease of life, re-imagining and completing the experience, turning it into Area Man Lives.

Area Man Lives

The core idea of Untethered remains the same putting you in the seat of a small-town radio DJ, entertaining their listeners with music and taking their calls to hear what’s going on. Area Man Lives is basically an over-the-top radio drama where you have to use your voice to talk with your listeners, piecing together info on this odd town and how your actions can influence your audience.

“If it all feels like too much, don’t worry, you’ll have your lonely producer, the resident skeptic, to guide you on your way, not to mention the vaguely British female voice inside your head,” explains the synopsis. “When an unusual area man calls into the station asking for your help, you have to act fast. Will you trust the area man, or do your best to thwart his plans? Is there anything you can do to save the area man from himself?”

“Numinous is such an exemplary group of humans, with an uncanny ability to tell stories that resonate with life,” said Rand Miller, CEO and founder of Cyan in a statement – Cyan Ventures is publishing the title. “It’s humbling for us to be able to help in some small way as Numinous continues to sub-create small worlds that make the big world just a little bit better.”

Area Man Lives“Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Cyan? They are first-class world builders who know how to capture the imagination of their players. We’ve always wanted to re-imagine our first VR title Untethered, and give it the ending its fans deserved. We were waiting for the right partners, and boy have we found them!” 

Area Man Lives is slated to arrive on 30th June 2020 for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets. It’ll feature original music from the comedy folk duo Future Folk, Jill Sobule (Supermodel) and more, with the soundtrack coming out on vinyl. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know. 

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