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Lets Make a Deal

CES 2020 Interview: Bringing the Game Show World Into VR

We spoke with let’s Make a Deal’s Jersey Feimster regarding the recent integration.

It’s time for VRFocus’ last interview from CES 2020 and it’s not what you might expect. Away from all the high tech gadgetry, glossy stands and hordes of visitors all shoulder to shoulder was a smaller event dedicated to virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) called DreamlandXR. Here VRFocus caught up with Jersey Feimster, VR Producer for iconic game show Let’s Make a Deal, to discuss the recently released tie-in title and what’s coming next.

Lets Make a Deal

Having begun in 1963, Let’s Make a Deal is one of those American game show’s known around the world. Audience members are selected to take part and then trade with the host. Offered an initial item they then have the option to exchange it for a hidden product, which could be either of greater or lesser value. As part of this process, mini-games are introduced which is where the VR experience takes its inspiration.

Lets Make a Deal launched for Oculus Rift in December 2019 as an official affiliation of the show. Using the CarPong mini-game, players first have to answer a multiple-choice question to gain as much time as possible for the main section. Grabbing some virtual ping-pong balls the idea is to score as many points as possible by sinking the balls in the cups. Fairly basic by VR standards but the twist comes with the affiliation.

Not only are you put inside the game show itself with an actual studio audience cheering you on but you can also win real prizes. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the month wins a prize from the show – if you register of course – but do be aware this is only for US players at the moment.

Lets Make a Deal

Talking to Feimster he reveals that while only Oculus Rift is supported at the moment plans are under to bring Lets Make A Deal VR Carpong to Oculus Quest first followed by SteamVR and PlayStation VR. Depending on how popular the format is in the US the hope is to go worldwide eventually as well as adding further shows like The Price is Right.

Check out the interview below for further details or here for the rest of VRFocus’ CES 2020 coverage.

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