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Flow - Coronavirus

Coronavirus Tracker Visualises the Infection Scale in AR

Easily view the tracker through a browser.

Only a couple of weeks ago the Coronavirus seemed like an issue affecting only a small area of the planet but as the days and weeks have gone by the spread has continued to grow. Even with all the news reports offering daily updates with facts and figures relating to infections and deaths, it can be difficult to imagine the sheer scale of what’s happening. Which is where data visualisation can come in useful, with Flow Immersive creating a tracker compatible with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Flow - CoronavirusThe company has taken all the recent data and put it through its Flow software to create a worldwide map that can be viewed on headsets like Magic Leap. Users can follow the spread of the virus from the middle of January, seeing the rapid spike as more and more people became infected.

At the start of the visualisation, Flow provides relevant information regarding how and where the Coronavirus started, providing 3D graphs before the world map appears. While the video showcases Flow being used in conjunction with Magic Leap you don’t need the headset to see the tracker in action.

The software is designed to work across a number of platforms from phones to headsets. To see the tracker right away you can view it online here. The platform has been designed so that updates can be managed daily without the need for code.

Spatial computing headsets like Magic Leap 1 do help to showcase the data in an immersive fashion that can be easily grasped rather than purely being a novelty.

As further data visualisation use cases emerge, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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