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Nakuru Kuru: Awakening

EarthXR Hosts Playlist of Environmentally-Focused 360 Content Through Samsung XR

All the videos are free to watch.

Climate change and environmental conservation are important subjects being broached not only scientifically but also artistically, as a means of building awareness and understanding about the effects taking place. EarthxFilm – which is part of the annual EarthX event – and its interactive arm EarthXR has teamed up with Samsung XR to bring you a collection of films dedicated to these causes. 

EarthXR collection

Starting now, EarthXR will be hosting environmentally-focused 360-degree videos by a variety of filmmakers on Samsung XR-supported platforms. Starting with 12 projects which are freely available to watch, over the course of 2020 further pieces will be added as EarthXR works with production companies on topics which will shed light on environmental and social justice issues.

For the initial launch these films will include:

  1. “Guardians of the Kingdom” – Underwater Earth, Vulcan Productions
  2. “Ghost Fleet” – Catovia, Seahorse Productions, Vulcan Productions
  3. My Africa“; “Valen’s Reef”; “Under the Canopy” – Conservation International
  4. “Nakuru Kuru” – Jiva VR
  5. “Tree Huggers”; “The Fire in Our Backyard”; “as it is” – 360Labs
  6. “The Hydrous Presents: Immerse” – The Hydrous, featuring NatGeo Explorer Erika Woolsey
  7. “Guardians of the Forest” – Co.Reality, UNVR
  8. “The First Virtual Reserve” – Wild Immersion

“This channel gives home audiences the opportunity to join conservationists at whale rescues, African elephant sanctuaries and surfing trips in the most stunning and remote places on earth,” says Tiffany Kieran, EarthXR Director of XR Programming + Partnerships in a statement. “We get to show audiences not only the beauty of nature but inspire support for pressing current issues, like firefighters taking on wildfires and Indigenous communities in the Amazon protecting their land from deforestation.”

EarthX Film still“Samsung has been with us from the start of our festival and have been incredible supporters as we bring these important, topical projects to viewers everywhere. We are grateful for their ongoing commitment to using technology for good,” notes EarthxFilm President Michael Cain.

To view these films you can either watch them on desktop or via tablet/mobile on the Samsung XR website. For the full immersive experience download the Samsung VR Videos app for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus GoSamsung Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality and Daydream headsets. The EarthX festival will be held in Dallas from 17th – 26th April 2020. For further EarthXR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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