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VNTANA’s Automatic Cloud Software Solution Streamlines 3D Assets for Web & AR/VR

Making it easy to distribute those 3D models.

Having previously created holographic experiences for retail, sports and hospitality use cases, today VNTANA has officially announced its latest development, a 3D cloud software solution designed around asset optimization for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) as well as the web.


Its new Omnichannel 3D Automation Software aims to provide companies and developers with an end-to-end solution for 3D assets, aiding their optimization, conversion and distribution. Brands across the world are utilising AR and VR as a new means of interaction with consumers, especially when it comes to AR on smartphones. From shoes and clothing to furniture and even cars, 3D models are a core part of the experience but a detailed model is time-consuming to make and memory heavy.

The online platform works by converting technical 3D assets to game-engine and web-ready assets to be used across e-commerce, AR/VR and hologram, thus reducing the labour required to create them by up to 95 percent VNTANA claims. Brands can then use VNTANA’s proprietary 3D viewer and CMS to showcase products to customers before manufacturing has even begun.

“We are constantly innovating technology that will allow people to see new realities. For brands and 3D artists, this means having the ability to create content that’s more impactful for their audiences than what they’ve done before,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder of VNTANA in a statement. “There have been amazing shifts in the ecosystem and demand is rising for 3D and AR tools that will help connect consumers with the right products and eliminate uncertainty in the buying journey. Virtual and augmented reality allows consumers to interact with a product, including manipulating it, visualizing it and trying it on. Our new platform is designed to help brands and creators realize that goal, and bring their products to life in minutes rather than weeks.”


VNTANA’s Omnichannel 3D Automation Software can be trailed from as little as $50 USD supporting up to 25 assets. Companies interested in fully adopting the solution to add further assets can do so from $1,999.00.

VRFocus will continue following VNTANA’s development of its Omnichannel 3D Automation Software, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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