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Magic Leap Launches Collaboration Package as Businesses Workaround Coronavirus Lock Downs

Businesses can make use of a 45-day trial

With governments battling to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) one of the main options is to stop travel, either for work or for leisure. Where possible, companies are trying to implement a work from home strategy so that employees aren’t all bunched together on a commute or close proximity in an office. This has lead to a greater interest in remote collaboration, something virtual reality (VR) and augmented/ mixed reality (AR/MR) is particularly good at. Now, Magic Leap has announced a new initiative to aid businesses in this process.

Magic Leap

The Magic Leap Collaboration Package is designed to facilitate remote collaboration through spatial computing, offering companies Magic Leap 1 devices for a trial period of 45 days for $5,000 USD (shipping included) + applicable taxes.

The collaboration package includes:

  • 4 x Magic Leap 1 devices for a trial period of 45 days
  • Remote service set-up and installation with user licenses for Spatial app access
  • Credit for 1 x Magic Leap 1 with package purchase at the end of the 45-day trial

As part of the package, Magic Leap has teamed up with Spatial, a software platform designed for working across multiple devices. Spatial supports one to one or group holographic meetings using Magic Leap 1, with a range of features so that employees can productively work from home.

Users can upload a 2D image of themselves which the software will then turn into a 3D avatar, aiding natural interaction between colleagues. They can then upload 3D models to assist in presentations, pin holographic sticky notes to the walls or share videos which everyone in the group can watch.

Magic Leap enterprise

Because Spatial is hardware-agnostic every colleague doesn’t need to have a Magic Leap 1, they can join a meeting from a Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, Android/iPhone mobile device or desktop (just without the fancy spatial computing). Thus, all remote workers can easily share data stored on their existing devices during Spatial meetings.

For those businesses who do go for the Magic Leap Collaboration Package (only available in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), once the trial is over they’ll have the option to purchase a one year license to use Spatial and three Magic Leap 1 devices (the fourth is free). Or they can return the entire package with no further fees or obligation. For further updates on remote collaboration platforms, keep reading VRFocus.

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