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Lies Beneath

The VR Game Launch Roundup: Combat Boredom With These new Titles

Five quality titles are due for release next week.

VRFocus brings you another list of virtual reality (VR) videogames for users of all leading headsets to enjoy over the next week. Make sure to check out the accompanying video for a preview of each title’s gameplay and make sure to follow all our social channels to get further updates including reviews, re-releases and possible expansion packs.

Orders Of Magnitude – Ouroboro Soft Inc.

In this educational virtual reality science experience, learn about the whole observable universe at multiple scales. Explore everything from a tiny atomic nucleus to the whole Milky Way, all there to be explored. Featuring data taken from various scientific databases, users can visualise galaxies and stars as well as delving deep into human brain and DNA atoms.

Lies Beneath – Drifter Entertainment

From White Door Games, the studio behind Robo Recall: Unplugged and Gunheart, this new horror survival videogame is set in the town of Slumber, Alaska. College student Mae is on a mission to save her father from the townsfolk and creatures who have infected her hometown. You must fend off hordes of these monsters with your arsenal of various weapons, including shotguns, knives and explosives while solving various puzzles along the way. Also coming to Oculus Rift 14th April.

Good GoliathGood Goliath – Knocktwice Games

In this wave-based arcade-action title, you play as a weaponless gentle giant who has woken from a slumber and must defend himself using any surrounding objects. Throw, catch and dodge any obstacles thrown at you in this storybook-style comical world featuring a full campaign.

Final Assault – Phaser Lock Interactive

Quick thinking is essential in this World War 2-themed action title, where you must command your troops as they enter into massive battles on land in tanks and in the air with dog fights. Previously released in 2019 on other leading headsets, VRFocus awarded the PC edition a 4/5.

  • Supported Platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch Date: 31st March

Final AssaultGuns’N’Stories: Bulletproof VR – MiroWin

This action-packed western-style shooter fully immerses you into a Wild West setting as you encounter and fight off a series of cartoonish enemies. Duel wield various classic and modern weapons and move quickly avoiding incoming bullets in a series of detailed and varied locations.

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