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Run Free Like a Parkour Boss in Stride This Summer

Looking like Mirror’s Edge in VR.

While there have been massive improvements in virtual reality (VR) locomotion with the likes of Stormland or Sprint Vector two notable examples, true parkour-style freedom still remains elusive. Looking to change that is Russian developer Joy Way with its upcoming action title Stride.


Looking like it has been massively inspired by 2008s Mirror’s Edge, Stride promises a city environment where players can run across rooftops, jump gaps between buildings, vault through windows and more, just like a parkour pro.

Rather than being an open sandbox for you to run around in, Stride has a single-player campaign to help steer you in the right direction, with a storyline involving a crime-ridden city. As there are plenty of criminals to deal with you not only need to be adept at navigating the city but also taking out anyone who stands in your way.

From the details released so far, you’ll be able to defeat enemies either by using a pistol or getting in close to knock them out. Enemies will react to gunfire so careful use of the environment to plan your attack needs to be employed, especially when too many opponents call for a clever retreat.


Any VR videogame of this sort will always raise the issue of comfort as the gameplay definitely looks like it won’t support teleportation or similar mechanics. Much like Sprint Vector, Stride seems to be going for a physical mechanic related to arm swinging which could help alleviate some players VR discomfort. On Stride’s Steam page the developer does note that: “Although most people do feel minor uneasiness when they first start playing the game, as you master the controls, motion sickness disappears entirely.” That might not be comforting to some but at least it’s honest.

Stride is the third VR title Joy Way has announced since it moved into the field of consumer VR – the company was previously PlatformaVR. Slated for a Summer 2020 launch, Stride is being developed for PC VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. Check out the first gameplay trailer below and for further updates ahead of the launch, keeping reading VRFocus.

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