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Subscription Fitness App Supernatural Coming to Oculus Quest Next Week

Get fit in stunning environments.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself healthy at home and virtual reality (VR) gaming can be one of them. Titles such as Beat Saber, Synth Riders, OhShape, Thrill of the Fight and many more offer energetic gameplay and soon there will be another, Supernatural by VR content company Within. 

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Supernatural is going to offer a somewhat different setup to those other experiences, with an on-demand fitness package based around a subscription service. “It has been intentionally designed from the ground up as a living VR exercise platform,” said Within Founder & CEO Chris Milk on the Oculus Blog. “We built an entire ecosystem that gives people an extraordinary workout experience that gets them excited to come back every day”

He went on to say: “The platform has been developed in conjunction with fitness experts and behavioral scientists for the purpose of really making a difference in helping people keep on schedule, not get bored with the workout, and not eventually quit.”

With gameplay which looks inspired by VR videogames like Beat Saber, because Supernatural is geared towards fitness the app will feature coaching, leaderboards, Bluetooth heart rate integration and a mobile companion app so you can monitor your progress. Rather than difficulty settings Supernatural will offer dynamic difficulty that adjusts the experience on each map in real-time depending on how well you’re keeping pace.

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None of this is any good if you don’t have decent music to compliment the gameplay so Within will be offering the latest tunes for subscribers to enjoy. We wanted people to have that feeling of surprise and delight when a song comes on that they love,” notes Milk. “So we’ve been working and partnering with record labels to craft a deal to use their full catalogs.” Which labels these are have yet to be revealed.

All the gameplay will be set in photo-realistic landscapes so that you can enjoy all these workouts in some stunning environments.

Supernatural’s subscription service will offer new daily workouts charged at a discounted introductory rate of $20 USD/month. There will also be a free trial available. Within will launch Supernatural for Oculus Quest on 23rd April 2020. For further updates on the new fitness app, keep reading VRFocus.

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