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Project Terminus - Bastille

Survival Horror Project TERMINUS VR’s Kickstarter Looks to Raise €65,000

Demos are already available.

At the start of March, there was a little influx of virtual reality (VR) horror videogame announcements such as the recently released Lies BeneathAlso part of that bunch was Project TERMINUS VR by indie development team CVR, which has recently launched it Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to help complete development.


Unusually for a lot of VR videogame Kickstarters, you can already sample Project TERMINUS VR across a range of headsets, with demos available for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. The second playable demo the team has released, you can play through the prologue to get a feel for what Project TERMINUS VR is like before deciding to back it.

CVR is looking to raise €65,000 EUR (approximately £57,000 GBP) by the end of April, with the cheapest pledge to secure a copy of the title being €20. Higher tiers include beta access (€40), alpha access (€75) and plenty of other goodies.

Project TERMINUS VR takes place in Paris, France, with the story involving an event where cities around the world are being attacked by swarms of nanites which assimilate anyone they come into contact with, turning them into a combination of biological and robotic matter which is now devoid of their previous personality. The origin of these swarms remains a mystery but those who do become assimilated are now a threat to anyone living. This has turned afflicted cities into quarantine zones, of which Paris is one and you’re trapped on the inside.


There are plenty of VR titles going for a realistic approach when it comes to interactivity and Project TERMINUS VR is no different, using roomscale to full effect. For example, if you need to crawl through a ventilation duct then you’ll need to get on your hands and knees. This also goes for your backpack, no unlimited inventory here. As this is a survival horror you’ll need to choose between useful tools like crowbars and snacks to maintain health.

The team will be creating two modes of gameplay in Project TERMINUS VR, a single-player and a co-op multiplayer which will support up to 4 players. The campaign also has several stretch goals which would expand both of these modes. For further updates on Project TERMINUS VR’s Kickstarter keep reading VRFocus.

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