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Synth Riders

Synth Riders’ Fitness Update Rolls Out ‘Synth Sundays’ Live Workout Classes

It also includes the new YUR.watch Fitness Tracker.

With everyone having to stay at home at the moment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), popping out only when absolutely necessary, finding ways to stay fit indoors has never been more important. Virtual reality (VR) has proven to be a fun way to keep active with a range of suitable titles available including Synth Riders. Developer Kluge Interactive recently announced the YUR.watch Fitness Tracker and will soon introduce another feature, Synth Sundays.

Synth Riders

Synth Sundays are weekly workout classes with professionals, Carize and HeyFalcon, pro Twitch streamers and trainers.  They’ll lead training sessions via open rooms in Synth Riders’ multiplayer mode beginning this Sunday, 5th April at 1pm PST (9pm BST). Early bird players will be able to join the trainers, host their own workout sessions or watch the event live here.

In addition to Synth Sundays, the Fitness Update for Synth Riders will expand the multiplayer limit from 5 to 10 players per room, add a non-Stop play mode for a continuous workout, offer a larger play area modifier for more body movement, enable players to be represented by avatars in the lobby and gift players bonus song “Phoenix” by Raizer (FiXT Label).

Players will also be able to use the new YUR.watch feature, a virtual watch which makes it easier to monitor heart rate, squat count, calories burned and record progress.

Synth Riders“We are glad to be working with YUR on a solution that can help our players stay active during these uncertain times, when a lot of the traditional fitness options are not available. We believe that “Synth Sundays” will be a great way to connect our players together for workouts and social interactions which are now only possible in a multiplayer VR experience,” said Abraham Aguero Benzecri, Creative Director, Kludge Interactive in a statement.

Kluge Interactive has more updates in store including an “Electro Swing Essentials” DLC which will offer songs from Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry and Electric Swing Circus as well as plans to bring Synth Riders to even more platforms including an optimized version for VR arcades. The Fitness Update is out now and as further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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