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The Under Presents

The VR Game Launch Roundup: Wizards and Wave Shooters

Five more VR titles are on the horizon.

Here are five new virtual reality (VR) titles to look forward to over the next week. Featuring a mixture of new AAA experiences, indie games and re-releases, this week’s list features content for every headset. Make sure to check out the accompanying YouTube video for more information on each title.

Lies BeneathLies Beneath – Drifter Entertainment

Previously just released on the Oculus Quest, Drifter Entertainment’s well-received action-horror survival videogame is now getting the Oculus Rift treatment. Set in the town of Slumber, Alaska. College student Mae is on a mission to save her father from the townsfolk and creatures who have infected her hometown. Featuring various levels of comfort and difficulty, you are tasked with fending off hordes of monsters using various unique weaponry such as shotguns, knives and explosives while solving various puzzles along the way.

  • Supported platforms: Oculus Rift
  • Launch date: 14th April

Dragonride VR – TypeEh Studios

Following a delay, indie studio TypeEh Studios is finally releasing dragon-flying experience next week. Race through the skies of three different interactive fantasy worlds. Featuring a range of different comfort modes while travelling, users can complete time challenges, shoot targets and cast magic spells while flying through stunning landscapes.

DragonRide VRDjinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire –

In this first-person VR tower defence title, you take on the role of powerful magical spirit Djinni, who has been sent by the wizard Thaco to defeat the armies sent by enemy King Crambone. Featuring over 30 hours of gameplay, use hand gestures to perform spells to take on the hordes of strange enemies, such as knights, pixies and giant clock robots.

The Under Presents – Tender Claws

Previously released for Oculus Quest in November 2019, The Under Presents is a theatrical VR experience featuring pre-recorded and live actors in a multiplayer hub as well as a solo mission called Timeboat! Brought to you by LA-based studio Tender Claws, you enter a dimension that exists outside of time and space, encountering a mysterious being known as “The Under.” You interact with both other VR users and scripted film characters in an experience described by the studio as a place where “immersive theatre meets VR gaming.”

KongfusionKongfusion – ZMVR

In this single-player indie action VR Kung Fu title, you are faced with taking on hordes of numerous incoming Kungfu enemies which you must work quickly to dodge. Featuring two game modes, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Endless,’ the enemies fly in to block the player’s progress. You must use your fighting stick to fend off any enemies in your path, along with other obstacles and traps that stand in your way.

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