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The VR Games Launch Roundup: Earthquakes, Obelisks and Oral Hygiene

Five exciting new titles coming next week.

VRFocus presents a brand-new list of five virtual reality (VR) titles being released over the next week. This week’s list features at least one videogame for the owners of all major headsets, including a host of long-awaited re-releases. To help give you a preview of each title you can check out the accompanying YouTube video at the bottom of this article. Make sure to keep following VRFocus to get further news on each one including possible updates, expansion packs or possibly re-releases for other headsets.

FORM-VR-Screenshot-02Form – Charm Games

Canadian game studio Charm Games first released puzzle experience FORM in mid-2017. Set in a secluded research facility in Alaska, you take on the role of physicist Dr. Devin Eli, who, as a result of childhood trauma, possesses the unique power of geometric visualisation. In an attempt to discover more about a mysterious artefact, The Obelisk, you must explore this doctor’s memories to unlock the secrets it contains. Unlock a series of puzzles within your own mind, which are built to be solved using tracked motion controllers. VRFocus previously awarded the original HTC Vive version a 4/5, describing it as a “mesmerising experience from start to finish.”

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 7th April

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Granzella

Previously only available in Japan, this action-adventure survival game will be available to PlayStation VR users next week. On a seemingly ordinary summer day, your trip to this city turns into a disaster as a gigantic earthquake terrorises you and your surroundings. You must team up with fellow survivors and fight your way out as collapsing buildings and unstable ground surround you. Your decision-making abilities could be the difference between life and death in a city on the brink of collapsing completely.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 7th April

Virtual BattlegroundsVirtual Battlegrounds – CyberDream

Built from the ground up for virtual reality and set in this war-hungry dystopian island, in Virtual Battlegrounds you must fight to become the last one standing. Featuring an array of physics-based weapons, you can run, swim and jump your way to victory both on your own or with friends in solo and quad modes and also featuring AI bots. VR users can play while standing or seated, with a host of other comfortable playing options available.

Ironlights – E McNeill

In this VR duelling game, utilise a series of physics-based weapons to take on your opponents in both single and multiplayer modes. Choose from several fighting styles including Knight and Ninja. Users can even play a single-player game while waiting for a match! Replay features allow you to watch a playback of your fight, which you can export share to the world.

IronlightsVirus Popper – Starcade Arcade

This educational title aims to help people learn about the importance of personal hygiene. Wash your hands and make use of powerful disinfectants and sprays to fend off viruses, while avoiding touching your face. Indie developer Starcade Arcade, states that they aim to “make a fun and friendly way to share important messages without adding to the fear and panic in the world right now.”

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