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Blade & Sorcery

Blade & Sorcery’s big June Update Will be Magical

The sorcery element has been significantly lacking until now.

WarpFrog’s Blade & Sorcery has been in Early Access for 18 months now, garnering a strong player base thanks to its physics-driven combat system. But like the title suggests the gameplay should involve blades and a magical element, the latter of which has been lacking. That’s going to change next week with the launch of The Sorcery Update.

Blade & Sorcery

As you’d expect the update is all about unlocking that magical component so you can master the elements, throw fireballs and imbue your weapons for enhanced effects. There will be a new spell wheel to access these magical forces and the UI, in general, will see a makeover.

The Sorcery Update will add a new map called The Citadel plus there will be a new model for the bow, arrows and quiver. A long requested feature to imbue the arrows with fire, lightning etc will finally be added.

Armour physics are another important part of the update with three tiers of armour; cloth, leather and plate available, all of which are modular. This adds an extra level of strategy to Blade & Sorcery as: “a slash with a blade across some leather might do nothing, while a rapier thrust may penetrate the same leather,” the developer explains. This goes even further when magic is involved as blades imbued with fire can cut through metal while magical blunt weapons can do twice the damage.

Blade & Sorcery

On the visual front the developer has also noted that: “The enemy, armour, map, textures, weapon models are all new and custom, making it essentially a different game from the original EA launch.”

This should make Blade & Sorcery a more rounded, complete VR experience when the update arrives on 4th June via Steam and Oculus Store, supporting PC headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index.

Check out the new trailer below or take a look at these other sword-based VR titles. As further updates for Blade & Sorcery are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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