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Final Assault

Final Assault to Hit European PlayStation VR Shores Next Week

EU players will soon be able to step onto the RTS battlefield.

At the end of March real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assault finally came to PlayStation VR, but only for North American players. Developer Phaser Lock Interactive has recently confirmed that the title will now make its way to the European PlayStation Store in a few days.

Final Assault - PSVR

The studio made the announcement via Twitter, locking down Tuesday 12th May for the launch, expanding the player base for those all important multiplayer matches.

It has been a little while coming, with the PC VR version released almost a year ago. As VRFocus learnt from an interview with Phaser Lock Interactive’s CEO Michael Daubert, the delay was down to trying to make frame rate, easily achieved on PlayStation 4 Pro, not so on the original PlayStation 4. This did mean sacrifices had to be made such as unit caps.

All the work has meant that both PC and console players can face one another, pitting their WWII forces in battle. Offering both single-player and multiplayer modes, Final Assault is a tabletop style RTS where players can select from six divisions, each with its own specialised ground and aerial units.

Final Assault

Looking down on the battlefield, players can quickly drop troops down whilst individually or group manoeuvring jeeps, tanks, and artillery to take over or reinforce strategic positions, call in planes to patrol the skies or execute airstrikes on enemy troops. Or when they’ve unlocked their top tier armaments assault the enemy base with bombing runs and other heavy weapons.

When reviewing the original PC version of Final Assault VRFocus said: “There’s plenty to love about Final Assault. Providing a leaner less complicated approach to RTS gameplay, most fans of the genre apart from the die-hard stalwarts should find there’s enough depth and reply value to keep coming back for hours on end.”

Phaser Lock Interactive isn’t stopping the franchise there, with more content and updates planned for the near future. Plus the studio is also working on a new project with a focus towards PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Phaser Lock Interactive and its VR projects, reporting back with all the latest news.

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