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Make Your own Music This Summer on Oculus Quest With Virtuoso

From the team behind Toran.

When it comes to musical apps on Oculus Quest most tend to fall into the rhythm-action genre such as Beat Saber, Pistol Whip and Audica. If you also like creating music then there’s really only Electronauts and TribeXR DJ School. This summer there will be another option, Virtuoso.


From Swedish developer Really Interactive – the team behind short puzzle title ToranVirtuoso wants to make it easy for you to create music, no matter the skill level.

Originally a hobby project by Really Interactive’s Jonatan Crafoord, the rest of the team then began to help development earlier this year, improving aspects like the visuals and user experience to prepare it for a public release.

With a selection of virtual instruments to play with including drum pads which can be configured and positioned anywhere as well as the three-dimensional Ooooorgan, there’s even a virtual microphone to sing, beat-box or rap into. A synthesizer has patches and effects that can be tuned using the height, depth and tilt of the controllers, plus a live looper to help build tracks.


For those who are more musically minded Virtuoso has built-in MIDI support online, able to connect music programs using a companion app. If you enjoy publicaly showcasing your skills then you can stream to Twitch thanks to a spectator camera.

Really Interactive is primarily targeting a summer launch on Oculus Quest with support planned for other devices such as Windows. As further details are released for Virtuoso VRFocus will let you know.

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