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Nreal Light

Nreal Dev Multiplayer Bundle on Sale, WebXR Support & MR Tower Defence Game in Development

Over 2000 Nreal Light Developer Kit’s have reportedly been sold.

Mixed reality (MR) headset maker Nreal is currently in the process of attracting developers to its platform as it continues to edge towards a consumer launch. This week the company has revealed its latest efforts which include a new multiplayer bundle, work on its first in-house videogame, new partnerships and WebXR support.

Nreal Tower

The Nreal Light Developer Kit has been available for a little while now, retailing for $1,199 USD. Expanding upon this initial kit is the new Nreal Hand in Hand bundle which comes supplied with two Nreal Light dev-kits and the Lens Box (normally $499) with 15 pairs of prescription lenses for $2,559. Saving developers 14 percent off the normal price.

Nreal has created this bundle as its software development kit (NRSDK) now includes a multiplayer mode. With this enabled developers can allow multiple Nreal Light users to see and interact with each other in the same MR environment, whether that’s for meetings or co-op videogames.

On the subject of videogames, Nreal has teased the first details for a tower defence-style MR title called Nreal Tower. Accessed in the default developer environment it will be used as an example for those new to the platform. Plus developers can also contribute and collaborate on Nreal Tower‘s creation.


Additionally, Nreal is collaborating with Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator, hubraum, to find, incubate and publish new MR apps. These will be part of a new Mixed Reality Program that will launch globally on 28th May. Apps will have a chance to be among the first to arrive for the consumer version of Nreal Light.

Another feature in the works is WebXR support. The ability to display web applications is an important step to wider adoption. Support is expected to arrive for the NRSDK later this year.

There’s still no word on the consumer launch date when that happens VRFocus will let you know.

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