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Social VR App eyeora Launches With ViRtual AID 2020 Campaign

Free to build and explore, Eyeora allows creatives to monetize their worlds.

As the current coronavirus pandemic continues, so in turn the lockdown measures, everyone is trying new ways of connecting online, whether that’s through video calls or more immersive solutions. When it comes to virtual reality (VR) the latest is a social network called eyeora, a place which you can make your own or commercialise if you so wish.


Like any social app eyeora wants to provide a place where people can connect, whether that’s family and friends or those that wish to share their interests with the world.

The platform allows you to create a VR room using the eyeora VR Studio application. Designed to be user friendly with drag and drop mechanics, the tool enables you to create 360-degree scenes with gaze controlled locations to move to. While the average user can create their own little home away from home, eyeora’s function set allows for a wide range of uses cases, from virtual events to company-branded rooms both private and public.

Hence why the social network has also launched its ViRtual AID 2020 campaign in a bid to help the Covid-19 effort. In a bid to encourage everyone to connect and work together the campaign is looking for partners, raising funds by holding events which people can buy into. The first being Rockin 1000, an exclusive rock concert.


Eyeora is entirely free to start using and exploring, with the free plan allowing you to build one room for social and private events, adding in YouTube and other content. The application really expands when you move to the £5 GBP per month plan which unlocks all the features of VR Studio, the ability to create three rooms and the option to monetise, either charging for entry or pay per view (PPV) events.

Currently available via iOS and Android apps usable with compatible smartphone headsets as well as standalone headsets like Pico Neo, eyeora will soon be expanding support to Oculus Quest/Rift and HTC Vive.

The company has confirmed to VRFocus that there are plenty of features planned in the upcoming months. As and when they are confirmed, VRFocus will let you know.

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