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The Persistence

The VR Game Launch Roundup: Blood, Sprites & Shouting

A strong collection of VR titles coming next week.

In these difficult times, videogames are providing an important entertainment outlet, whether you want to join friends in some multiplayer action or get lost in a fantasy world by yourself. This coming week, players across PC and console VR headsets will have more immersive experiences to enjoy.

Gorn – Free Lives

Highly brutal and comedic in equal measure, gladiatorial sim Gorn is finally coming to PlayStation VR. The spongy, rag-dill opponents which can be ripped to shreds using all manner of wobbly close combat weaponry, Gorn is a single-player hack ‘n’ slash experience like no other.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 19th May

Pixel Ripped 1995 – ARVORE

Release in the Americas a few days ago, now it’s the turn of EU PlayStation VR players to enjoy Pixel Ripped 1995. A love letter to old-school gaming, the story is set during an era when videogames were moving from 16-bit sprites into 32-bit 3D titles. Mixing together various genres from the 1990s including action RPGs, brawlers, platformers, space shooters, and racing games, the gameplay offers an eclectic retro mix.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR (European Launch)
  • Launch date: 19th May
Pixel Ripped 1995

War Remains – Flight School Studio

Part film, part educational experience, War Remains takes place during WWI on the Western Front. Viewers to bear witness as history unfolds from a soldier’s point-of-view in this active battle scene.

Spaceteam VR – Cooperative Innovations

Based on a mobile videogame, Spaceteam VR is a cooperative shouting match where players have to perform tasks to keep their spaceship in one piece. These challenges are randomly generated, incorrectly assigned instructions filled with technobabble which mean a lot of fast paced teamwork.

Spaceteam VR

The Persistence – Firesprite

Originally released for PlayStation VR in 2018, The Persistence is a horror title with procedurally generated levels and a crew that have been turned into monsters. Supporting both VR and non-VR gameplay, one of The Persistence’s unique features is that friends can jump in via iOS or Android devices to control some of the spaceship, either helping or hindering the main player.

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