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20+ FREE Unity VR Assets

Unity VR developers take note.

Take your pick on these few random free virtual reality (VR) Unity assets. In this blog, you’ll find a collection of assets such as VR Toolkits, VR Audio Plugin, Controller Kits plus many more! 

Want to download the whole list as a downloadable spreadsheet? CLICK HERE and get the resource for FREE.

Virtual Reality Toolkit

VRTK is a productive VR Toolkit for rapidly building VR solutions in Unity3d


VRKeys is an open-source keyboard interface for single-line text input in VR, made in Unity.

Vuforia Core Samples

The Vuforia Core Samples provide complete Unity scenes that show how to create AR experiences for everyday objects and environments using Vuforia targets and trackers.

3D Audio Plugin for Unity

Sound design is an important part of creating the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) required for the best immersive experience for your users. The Qualcomm® 3D Audio Plugin is a binaural spatial audio plugin for Unity, ideal for XR(AR/VR) experiences and games.

Vuforia Magic Leap Sample

The Vuforia Magic Leap Sample provides a complete Unity project showing how to design and configure Unity scenes to use Vuforia Engine targets with the Magic Leap One, enabling you to attach content to specific objects in a Magic Leap experience.

Vuforia Rendering Sample

The Vuforia Rendering sample provides a complete Unity project showing how to implement advanced rendering features in an augmented reality scene using Vuforia. At run-time, you can choose from the options on the menu.

Vive Foveated Rendering

Vive Foveated Rendering is a rendering Unity plugin which reduces the rendering workload through cutting edge GPU technologies. This plugin supports both fixed and eye-tracked foveated rendering. 

VIVE Input Utility

The VIVE Input Utility (VIU) is a toolkit for developing VR experiences in Unity, especially with the VIVE/VIVE Pro but also targeting many platforms from a common code base including Oculus Rift, Rift S Go, Quest, Google Daydream, VIVE Wave SDK (e.g. VIVE Focus standalone) and additional VR platforms as supported by Unity such as Microsoft’s ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets and more.


Seidr is an easy-to-use digital space for Unity on Windows which lets you quickly experience your assets in Virtual Reality.

3D Free Modular Kit

3D Free Modular Kit is a small modular kit! free for commercial or freeware games/apps.

ImmerGo VR Tools

This package holds assets used to control the ImmerGo 3D spatial audio system via Unity Game Objects and Wwise audio sources.


VRBasics is intended to be a jump start to your virtual reality project! This release supports both the HTC Vive in combination with the SteamVR package and the Oculus Rift in combination with the Oculus Integration package.

VR Cardboard

This package contains a complete VR CardBoard 3D model with its textures, materials, and animation.

WebVR Assets

Easily create VR experiences using Unity that you can view directly on your Web browser. It works in Firefox and Microsoft Edge WebVR enabled browsers!


VRArmIK brings arms into VR without any additional tracking devices. Using head and hand positions, the shoulders and arms are estimated to create realistic arm movements.


NVIDIA® VRWorks™ enables a new level of presence by bringing physically realistic visuals and simulated environments to virtual reality.

Trinus, PC VR for Unity

This package lets you add Trinus VR support to your projects. Reach larger audiences with Trinus!


NewtonVR is a virtual reality interaction system for tracked controllers. It currently supports both the Oculus SDK and SteamVR with a clean and easy to use player controller. 

Focal Point & SteamVR Adapter

Focal Point is an interaction framework for manipulating objects/environments in VR. It provides solutions for. Includes 4 demos and extensive documentation. Completely open source and is designed to be extended so that you can roll your own interactivity.

VR Buttons and Levers

Easy and quick to set up ways to interact with your VR creations. In this kit are VR levers and VR buttons. They come as physics-based or grip based versions. Gripped levers respond to the player grabbing and moving it with a tracked motion controller.

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