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Do Not Open

First Trailer Arrives for Exclusive PlayStation VR Horror Do Not Open

There’s no release date just yet.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain’s (SIE Spain) PlayStation Talents programme has seen a couple of virtual reality (VR) titles come through, the last being Intruders: Hide and Seek. Soon indie developer Quasar Interactive will add another to the mix, horror experience Do Not Open.

Do Not Open

In conjunction with SIE Spain the studio has released its first trailer for Do Not Open today, showcasing a dark and ominous looking mansion which is most definitely going to have some jump scares in it.

Described as “a survival horror that features escape room mechanics,” Do Not Open tells the story of Michael J. Goreng a zoologist and epidemiologist searching for his wife and daughter. “A big house with a terrible history behind its walls, a doctor tormented in search of his family desperately, and whose sanity is about to fade,” notes the synopsis. “From the depths of the San Pedro Lordship, Doctor Goreng must discover what has happened … while there is still time.”

So there will be a heavy puzzle mechanic to Do Not Open as players search each room of the mansion trying to escape from this nightmare. One interesting aspect of the design is the fact that each playthrough will be different, the rooms of the house changing every time. Thus, players will be able to unlock different endings. But it won’t be easier as there are no save points.

Do Not Open

This will be the first VR videogame from Quasar Interactive – a spin-off of Quasar Dynamics, which has years of expertise in VR, AR, and XR. Exclusive to PlayStation VR, there’s no release date at the moment for Do Not Open with one expected to be confirmed soon.

In the meantime PlayStation VR owners can look forward to Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip, the rhythm-action title is due to launch at the weekend. As further updates for Do Not Open are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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