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Party Pumper

Get that Friday Feelin’ With Party Pumper on PlayStation VR Next Week

Fibrum released its club-style music-mixing experience Party Pumper late last year for PC VR headsets and soon it’ll be the turn of PlayStation VR. The studio has announced that the title is set for launch next week.

Party Pumper

Party Pumper is all about keeping the crowd happy by mixing up beats as a DJ, having a dance and playing with fun gadgets like foam cannons. Rather than the usual set of turntables you’re presented with an electronic panel littered with items to pickup and move around. It’s with these that you can mix music samples, providing an arsenal of bass, melodies, drums, chords, and other beats to play with.

Unlike Electronauts for example which is purely about mixing and creating new tracks in Party Pumper, you have a crowd to entertain. That means they can react to your DJ set, cheering when things go well, booing and throwing shoes when they don’t.

As mentioned Party Pumper isn’t solely about DJing. Work the audience with some dancing, get rid of stage invaders by throwing them back, fill up the dance floor with foam or let off some fireworks, keep that party vibe going to rack up as big a score as possible.

Party Pumper

The PlayStation VR version of Party Pumper is due for release next Thursday 25th June. “After a long way of bringing this bold concept to life, we are extremely excited to deliver VR players this truly one-of-a-kind experience. Party Pumper is our vision of today’s true VR-gaming – vibrant, groovy, and fun!,” said Alexey Glebov, Party Pumper’s Game Director in a statement.

As for the PC version, Fibrum hasn’t yet confirmed whether it’ll be leaving Early Access at the same time or soon after. For further updates on Party Pumper, keep reading VRFocus.

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