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Vive XR Suite

Vive XR Suite is HTC Vive’s New Cloud Solution for Remote Collaboration

The suite of applications will arrive later this year, starting in China.

After launching a beta version of Vive Sync a couple of months ago HTC Vive has just announced a bundle of applications to further expand upon this initial premise, Vive XR Suite.

Vive XR Suite

Comprised of 5 applications (Vive Sync, Vive Sessions, Vive Campus, Vive Social, and Vive Museum), these have been created in collaboration with other companies (Immersive VR Education, VirBELA, VRChat, and Museum of Other Realities). For example Immersive VR Education’s Engage platform as the Vive Campus or Museum of Other Realities (MOR) for the Vive Museum.

Designed to meet the daily needs of those working, learning and living remotely, Vive XR Suite will be a one-stop-shop for all your remote collaboration needs, whether that’s in VR or not; the applications will work with existing PCs/laptops to ensure the platform is hardware agnostic.

“The world has irreversibly changed in the last 5 months taking us all on an accelerated path towards a digital-first future. This video-centric ‘New Normal’ we are living will rapidly transition to the XR first ‘Next Normal’ that awaits us,” says Alvin Wang Graylin, China President, HTC in a statement. With our announcement today, HTC Vive is reaffirming our commitment to the XR industry and enabling the world with a suite of mission critical software applications that are intended to make all our lives richer and more productive.” 

Vive XR Suite

Supporting the Vive Wave SDK so that the suite will support current and future devices using the Vive Wave ecosystem, it’ll be available as a free lite-version and as a premium Pro subscription version. The latter will include enterprise/creator level capabilities and commercial use licenses, available through Viveport.

“By working together with so many leading companies, we are confident we will be able to make a real impact in accelerating VR adoption near term and ultimately enabling an XR-powered global workforce,” Graylin adds.

The Vive XR Suite is expected to launch in Q3 2020 starting in China, with further territories to follow. In the run-up to launch a beta version of the various applications will be rolled out for users to test. As further updates on the Vive XR Suite are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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