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New Exclusive Onward Oculus Quest Screenshots

Not long to wait now.

Oculus Quest owners have had plenty of titles to keep them busy over the past few week’s with In Death: Unchained, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and Phantom: Covert Ops to name a few. But now there are only three days left to go until another big videogame hits the standalone headset, Onward. And VRFocus has three new screenshots to showcase what’s in store.


Developed by Downpour Interactive, the latest images highlight the incredible effort the studio has made to port the PC experience over to Oculus Quest. While there will always be a drop in quality over its more powerful brethren, textures and lighting still look decent as well as details such as looking down the scope.

Of course, VRFocus will refrain from a final verdict on the port quality until we’ve seen Onward in action, so you’ll have to wait for the review later in the week.

Onward is a military first-person shooter (FPS) which steps away from the usual arcade-style of rivals by removing crosshairs, mini-maps and other features for a more realistic gameplay experience, encouraging teamwork in the process.


The title features a range of gameplay modes with solo and co-op allowing players to chase down AI enemies in the Hunt or defend an extraction point in an Evac mission. Players can freely wander the map and head to the shooting range, a wise idea to help become more acquainted with the weapons which are all modelled on real guns and their various loading mechanics.

These are split between the modern MARSOC faction which has the AUG, M16, M1014 P90 and the M249 light machine gun. While the insurgent Volk forces use an arsenal which includes the AKS74U, the Makarov, and an RPG launcher.

Onward is most well known for its multiplayer mode where up to 10 players can take to the battlefield at once. There are three objective-based modes to select, from defending a position to going on full attack. Onward will be available for Oculus Quest on 30th July 2020 with PC cross-play functions, retailing for $24.99 USD through the Oculus Store. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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