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Amazon Room Decorator

Amazon’s AR Room Decorator Enables Multiple Furniture Placement

Only for US-based customers at the moment.

For the past few years, Amazon has included an augmented reality (AR) feature for mobile devices allowing customers to view digital items in their homes before purchasing. Called AR View, the shopping tool is getting an upgrade whereby multiple objects can be placed to help with interior design.

Amazon AR View

As reported by Tech Crunch, the feature is now called Room Decorator, allowing thousands of furniture and other homeware to be digitally placed. Great for visualising whether a certain lamp or table might be suitable, the app enables a whole bunch of items to be placed. Additionally, customers can then save AR snapshots of their arrangements to view when not at home.

To properly work all the applicable products from both Amazon and select third-party retailers are shown in high definition and at the correct scale. When viewing items all customer need to do is select the ‘View in your Room’ button to start the AR function. They’ll also get complimentary product suggestions to expand the AR design process.

“Amazon is always exploring new ways to create experiences that delight our customers. With the addition of Room Decorator tools, Amazon enhances its augmented reality feature to give customers an even more immersive shopping experience from the comfort of their own home, or on the go,” an Amazon spokesperson is quoted as saying. “With access to the inspiring furniture styles available on Amazon, customers can do more than just imagine their dream rooms — they can visualize them to make more informed shopping decisions.”

Room Decorator will work with iOS and desktop browsers, there’s no mention of Android support. The feature rolls out this week, only to 50% of US consumers who use the iOS app. A 100% launch will take in the coming weeks.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer to trial AR shopping tools but its certainly one of the more aggressive, with IKEA being another. For further updates on the latest AR developments, keep reading VRFocus.

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