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Getting the Swing of it With Yupitergrad Gameplay

Tarzan in space, sort of…

Today will see virtual reality (VR) developer Gamedust release it comedic puzzle title Yupitergrad for PC VR headsets. A mash-up of Spider-Man mechanics, sci-fi narrative and Soviet stylings, VRFocus has a gameplay video showcasing what it’s like to have suction cups for hands.


Yupitergrad is all about solving environmental puzzles, with the space station you’re stuck in filled with a labyrinth of vents and piping, all containing water, gas, whirling rollers of death and other such pleasantries.

To navigate all of these hazards you handily have a couple of go-go-gadget arms which can fire suction cups to latch onto surfaces – only blue surfaces to be exact – to then pull yourself up, sidewards, across, any way you wish to go really. Your arms can then be improved with little boosters, great for navigating through water or to give that swing some extra momentum.

Apart from getting diced to death other puzzles involve looking for moveable yellow surfaces such as a sneaky air vent or massive gates barring your path. There are over 50 levels to navigate in this way, so hold on to your hats as you get in the swing of things (sorry).


The absurd concept continues in the voice-overs from home base, offering useless advice in a serious tone.

Yupitergrad is available today for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift through Viveport, Oculus Store, and Steam, retailing for $14.99 USD/¬£11.39 GBP. For further gameplay videos of the latest VR titles, keep reading VRFocus.

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