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Sam & Max - This Time It's Virtual

Sam & Max – This Time It’s Virtual Brings Some Comedy to VR in 2021

The detective duo return in 2021.

This evening’s Gamescom Now Opening Night Live broadcast with Geoff Keighley didn’t disappoint when it came to virtual reality (VR) news. Even though Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was certainly the highlight a nice surprising tease came in the form of classic characters Sam & Max returning. Happy Giant will be bringing them back next year, in VR.

Sam & Max - This Time It's Virtual

The broadcast teased the possibility of VR support with Sam popping a cardboard headset onto Max, and that was it. Now though, a longer trailer has been released confirming what everyone wanted to know, Sam & Max – This Time It’s Virtual is most definitely a VR videogame and its slated for launch next year.

Originally appearing in their first game back in the ’90s, Sam & Max are a crime-fighting duo who get into comedic adventures, the last time was Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse in 2010. From the looks of the gameplay so far players will be helping the pair with their investigations, training to become part of the Freelance Police.

Not only helping solve crime but also saving the world from giant alien monsters, you’ll have a trusty sidearm to shoot bad guys and then hang out in the team office for some R&R.

Sam & Max - This Time It's Virtual

To retain authenticity for fans, IGN reports that original creator Steve Purcell will be consulting on the game design, art and story, whilst voice actors David Nowlin and Dave Boat return in the lead roles.

Developer Happy Giant is known for its augmented reality (AR) titles like QuasAR Arena and HoloGrid: Monster Battle. In fact, Sam & Max – This Time It’s Virtual could be the studio’s first VR videogame. While a 2021 launch window has been slated no headsets have been confirmed at the moment.

Check out the full trailer below and for further updates from Happy Giant, keep reading VRFocus.

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