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VR Giants

VR Giants’ Co-op Kickstarter Achieves Funding Success

Over €10,000 was raised for the indie project.

Solo developer Wolfgang Tschauko has been working on virtual reality (VR) project VR Giants for the past three years, launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in July to help complete it. The Kickstarter has now ended, successfully hitting its goal in the process.

VR Giants

Tschauko aimed to hit €10,000 EUR over the month-long campaign, managing to raise €14,730 with 520 backers supporting the project. That figure also meant VR Giants’ first stretch goal was achieved, adding a winter level with ice/snow-based puzzles.

The main reason for the Kickstarter was to help polish VR Giants by building a team to support the final stages of development. Crucially, that funding goal will be doubled by the Austrian government to aid that process, with the developer looking to improve the visuals and sound.

VR Giants is a cooperative gameplay experience where the VR player takes the role of a stone giant whilst a non-VR player via a monitor controls the diminuative David. The goal is simple, collect a series of coins dotted around each level to open the doorway forward.

VR Giants

The co-op dynamic means that each player has a very specific role to play. David for example has free roam to run around levels, jump gaps and collect the coins. The giant, on the other hand, is fixed to certain locations and can only move between them by David pressing a button. But the giant can’t die, able to grab objects to help its tiny mate navigate the perilous environments.

When previewing VR Giants VRFocus noted: “VR Giants presents a passion project that neatly blurs the lines between VR and non-VR gaming, and while there’s still a way to go it’ll be interesting to see how Tschauko further explores his idea.”

VR Giants supports PC VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Valve Index and HTC Vive with Tschauko estimating a Steam launch to take place in October 2021. As the project continues to develop, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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