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Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever

Blasters of the Universe Turned Into Free-roaming Multiplayer Shooter for VR Arcades

Its in VR arcades from today.

When virtual reality (VR) became a consumer reality one of the main genres developers embraced was the wave shooter. Numerous in number one of the most notable to stand out was Secret Locations’ Blasters of the Universe. Today, the title has been reworked for location-based entertainment as Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever.

Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever

Rather than a single, solitary shooter where you stay put, Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever is a full free-roaming experience for up to four players. Keeping that ’80s neon aesthetic the home version was known for, this new version has been built specifically for VR arcades.

The storyline still features evil super-lord Alwyn who has taken over a VR utopia and it’s up to players to blast their way into Alwyn’s lair and defeat him. This will consist of four levels of bullet dodging madness, encouraging players to move as much as possible to avoid getting hit. Of course, you can shoot back but there won’t be the customisation options this time, four guns will be available with a fifth to unlock for the final battle.

Secret Location has collaborated with Synthesis VR to launch Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever, so it’ll be available to all locations using the platform. To give operators timing options there will be short and long timed versions available, ranging from 7-16 minutes.

Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever

“We have remained optimistic about the state of our industry in the past months as we continued to make our games from home,” said Michael Masukawa, Director of Strategy & Business Development at Secret Location in a statement. “We know that now more than ever, families and friends are going to be craving meaningful shared experiences and so we’re happy to be able to offer them exactly what they need. As family entertainment centres start to reopen with safety in mind, we are thrilled to be partnering with Synthesis on the launch of our first location-based VR game.”

Blasters of the Universe: Infinity Forever is available today, with Synthesis VR used by hundreds of LBE venues worldwide. For further updates on the latest LBE industry news, keep reading VRFocus.

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