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Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Grab Those Aprons as Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is Delivered to Oculus Quest and Rift

Co-op food fights are in order.

Announced earlier this year, Resolution Games’ foody co-op videogame Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is now ready, launching today for Oculus Quest and Rift/Rift S headsets.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Set in a fantasy world of Kings, werewolves and other creatures, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is all about traveling the realm serving up tasty lunches. While there is a solo mode with a robot companion to help you out, the gameplay is really designed around madcap multiplayer mayhem, up to four can play at once.

Creatures appear at the window and players have to make their orders, with each person only having specific ingredients. Each class of customer will have specific needs, the werewolves order towering sarnies whilst the mice tend to go for more modest meals.

“Food, fun and games are three of the very best ways to get together with friends, and with Cook-Out, we’re excited to be delivering all of those things,” said the game’s producer, Gustav Stenmark. “Co-op games are always at their wildest when everyone is scrambling to work together, and Cook-Out will definitely keep you on your toes. Within a few minutes you’ll all be barking orders like a line cook, trying to figure out who’s supposed to be grabbing the ketchup and who needs to cut the cheese.”¬†

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

As levels progress news features will be introduced to make the process even harder. Some food will need to be grilled, a sandwich will need to perfectly stacked and plates will require washing before food is prepped.

“When we first started Resolution Games in 2015, it would have been crazy to launch an online multiplayer VR game like Cook-Out. But now, not only is it possible, I’d argue that it’s the best way to play a game with your friends,” shared Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games. “What could be better than putting on your headset and stepping right into a virtual world to pick up a fishing pole, a sword, or — in the case of Cook-Out’s kitchen — a cleaver, and experience the magic and fun of VR together?”

The 11th VR title from Resolution Games, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is available now for Oculus Quest and Rift for $19.99 USD. The next title from the team will be Blaston due later this year. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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