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Oculus Quest Port of Gorn Confirmed

No release date just yet.

Gladiator brawler Gorn has become a popular virtual reality (VR) title since its 2019 launch, most recently hitting PlayStation VR. Today, it’s been announced that the brutal fighting game will be coming to Oculus Quest thanks to a port by 24Bit Games.

Originally created by Free Lives, 24Bit Games was the team behind the PlayStation VR port. A tweet from the official Gorn account confirmed the news but hasn’t revealed when the videogame is likely to arrive.

Gorn is known for its over-the-top, yet cartoonish, violence as players find themselves having to survive waves of fighters in an arena. They can use anything at their disposal to win, whether that’s bare hands or weaponry provided for each match. As gameplay is designed to excess, opponents spill gallons of blood, bones can be broken, and limbs removed. Or turn all the blood and gore off by selecting the Pinata Mode.

There’s also a comedic vein running through Gorn, with the gladiators featuring ragdoll physics so they bounce and flail around, easily thrown into some wall spikes. All the weapons have a similar wobbly effect, like trying to wield a great axe entirely made of rubber.

The single-player campaign pits players against increasingly heavily armoured opponents, culminating in boss battles against some highly unusual enemies. There’s also a local multiplayer mode, although how much will make it across to the Oculus Quest version is unknown at this time.

When reviewing Gorn for PC VRVRFocus said: “It is stupid, and over the top on almost every level yet it’ll still put a smile of most players faces. Additionally, GORN will help you lose two things, time and calories. You’ll find that one fight will turn into ten, and you’ll be a sweaty mess from all that arm swinging. If you want something deep and thought-provoking go read a book, for everyone else there’s GORN.”

As further details for the Oculus Quest version of Gorn are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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