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Swarm Release Date Swings Into Spring 2021

All in the name of making the game better.

Earlier this year VRFocus reported on indie virtual reality (VR) studio Greensky Games announcing a grapple-based shooter called Swarm. Originally intended to launch this summer the studio has now confirmed that window has been pushed back to Spring next year.


Explaining the reason behind the delay on Reddit, Greensky Games said: “SWARM has been content-complete for a few months now, and we have hundreds of playtesters. The response to our grapple mechanics and gameplay have been incredible, but we’re not happy with some of the compromises we had to make. For that reason, we decided to move our launch date, and go all out to extend playtime and build the game we dreamt of, with no compromises.”

Supporting Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and SteamVR compatible headsets, Swarm is an arena scale first-person shooter (FPS), offering plenty of arcade style action. Each arena is littered with small platforms to swing from, allowing players to quickly traverse levels all the while unleashing attacks on enemies.

And there are plenty of those as the original gameplay trailer showcased. Smaller opponents will group together to attack, helping distract players from the bigger boss-like foes which stalk the arenas. To fight back players will have a range of weaponry from dual-wielding pistols, to rocket launchers and guns which fire bolts of electricity.


Sessions are designed to be quick and frantic, with global leaderboards to add that competitive edge.

Greensky Games isn’t the only studio which has been experimenting with grappling mechanics of late. Last month Gamedust released Yupitergrad which employs swinging to move through a space station filled with environmental puzzles. And let’s not forget Tarzan VR by Stonepunk Studios and Fun Train, an episodic adventure featuring the iconic character due for release before the end of the year.

As further details on Swarm are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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