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The VR Game Launch Roundup: An Assorted Indie Selection

Those should keep you busy for another week.

This past week wasn’t particularly great for virtual reality (VR) videogame releases but you can always be inundated with awesome content every week. Thankfully, the next seven days is already looking up with a selection of indie titles ready to launch, all for PC VR headsets though.


Starblazer – Starcade Arcade LLC

Having been in early access for almost two years Starblazer is gearing up for its official launch, where you build fleets of spaceships and take them into battle, either solo or online in PvP matches.

The Stranger VR – RealityArts Studio

A single-player first-person shooter (FPS) from the team behind Voidrunner, The Stranger VR offers a sci-fi world with 12 levels to player through and 7 customisable weapons. Awarded an Epic Megagrants, The Stranger VR also features a soundtrack by the original composers of Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex.

The Stranger VR

Cubism – Thomas Van Bouwel

For those that love simple and addictive puzzle games, Cubism is the work of solo developer Thomas Van Bouwel. Offering a free demo on Steam, Cubism features 60 puzzles ‘which will put your spatial thinking skills to the test.’

Automata Break – Pumpkin Head Studio

This co-op tower defence title provides an asymmetrical multiplayer with one player in VR whilst the other non-VR player is on a monitor or smartphone either locally or online. In VR you fight robots head on whilst the other player has an overhead view to place the towers. There’s also a single-player mode.

Automata Break

Phasmophobia – Kinetic Games

A 4 player online co-op psychological horror, Phasmophobia will be an Early Access launch. You and your team play paranormal investigators looking for evidence in haunted locations. While there is a solo mode, to help add more players into the mix both VR and non-VR players can team up.

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