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PlayStation VR third anniversary

You can now Request the PlayStation VR Camera Adaptor for PS5

Only one per household.

The PlayStation 5 is only a few weeks away from launch and virtual reality (VR) fans who’ve got their pre-orders in can now rest a little easier. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has released details as to how you can request the PlayStation Camera Adaptor so you can use PlayStation VR on the new console.

PlayStation VR

The process is straight forward enough. Simply go to the Camera Adaptor support website to put your request in. You’ll need the PlayStation VR serial number, which is found on the rear of the Processor Unit (seen above) and once that’s been entered you’ll need to give SIE address and contact details for shipping.

An FAQ page goes into greater detail, saying: “Anyone who owns a PS VR headset qualifies to receive a PlayStation Camera adaptor with a limit of one per household,” so make sure you don’t lose it. As for when they’ll be delivered it can take up to two weeks so get those requests in early.

Timing will vary depending on your region, here’s what SIE has listed currently:

  • Japan: End of October.
  • Americas: Mid-November.
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand: Mid-November.
  • Asia: Early December. 

As VRFocus previously reported, if you happen to be in Japan then new PlayStation VR bundles will automatically come with the adaptor. At the time of writing, there’s been no mention of this option being deployed on a worldwide scale.

The PlayStation Camera Adaptor is an essential component if you want to use PlayStation VR with the PlayStation 5. The new HD Camera doesn’t support VR tracking so you have to use the current camera model. And as there’s no native connection on the new console, you’ll need the adaptor, now a crucial piece of kit for those looking to upgrade their gaming hardware.

SIE has already confirmed that thanks to backwards compatibility most PlayStation VR games will work on PlayStation 5. There’s only two that won’t, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and DWVR by Mad Triangles.

As for PlayStation VR 2, there have been a few patents hinting at what a new headset might be like but there’s been no official confirmation. Only that a new headset might appear once the new console has launched. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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