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After The Fall

Apocalyptic Shooter After the Fall Delayed Until 2021

Another game to look forward to next year.

Arizona Sunshine creator Vertigo Games announced its next big first-person shooter (FPS) After the Fall during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 with a planned release for 2020. Since then, there’s been very little further info other than a trailer and PlayStation VR compatibility that same year. Now the studio has confirmed the title won’t arrive until early next year.

Vertigo Games made the announcement via the After the Fall Twitter account, noting that: “We have made the difficult decision to move the launch of After the Fall to early 2021, to ensure the development team has sufficient time to deliver the experience that meets our vision.” Like many studios having to adjust to remote working conditions, the team cites Covid-19 restrictions as the main source of the delay.

Whilst no delay is ever great news fans can be rest assured that After the Fall will retain its co-op functionality – a feature many were disappointed to see removed from The Walking Dead Onslaught. Replying to a disgruntled tweet Vertigo Games confirmed that: “Co-op is the core gameplay of After the Fall.”

Set to offer both solo and multiplayer modes, After the Fall takes place in a grim, icy future consumed by climate change and where most of the population have turned into monsters because of a designer drug. Players will be able to explore a ravaged Los Angeles, scavenging parts to build deadly weapons to survive against the mutants.

After The Fall

A lot has happened since those first early announcements, especially where the Oculus Quest platform is concerned. PC VR headsets and PlayStation VR are supported but there could now be a possibility that the standalone headset may get a version, with the studio responding with: “More info soon!” when asked (which isn’t a no).

VRFocus enjoyed its preview of After the Fall last year, saying: “In its current form After the Fall is a nice generic shooter that would be home on VR as well as non-VR systems. The gameplay is slick, fast and in your face, which tends to mean a certain nuance is missing. Snow zombies are all well and good but there needs to be more, Vertigo Games has the talent, hopefully, it can deliver.”

As Vertigo Games release new details for After the Fall, VRFocus will let you know.

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