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Cybershoes - Oculus Quest

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Begins Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign aims to raise $30,000.

Movement in virtual reality (VR) is always going to be tricky due to players various susceptibility to locomotion sickness. Cybershoes is one company tackling that problem head-on, having completed a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018 for its PC VR compatible product. Today, Cybershoes is heading to Oculus Quest by launching another Kickstarter.

Cybershoes - Oculus Quest

Fully wireless just like the headset itself, the Cybershoes kit for Oculus Quest comprises the two shoes and a Bluetooth receiver which attaches to the front of the headset. The setup is designed to be used whilst seated, giving the feeling of walking to help improve comfort levels as well as being useful for those who don’t have a massive amount of space for full room-scale VR.

“We’re thrilled to finally bring wireless locomotion capabilities to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2,” said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes in a statement. “Combining the technology of the Oculus Quest with the capabilities of Cybershoes delivers an immersive, full-body, active experience that we’re confident VR gamers will truly appreciate.”

Like most Kickstarters, you can back the campaign from as little as $1 USD but if you want the actual Cybershoes kit there’s an early bird offer for $279 which includes the Cybershoes, Cyberchair, “CyQuest” receiver, Cybercarpet and USB Charger + Cables (limited quantity available). Or then there’s the Arizona Sunshine + Cybershoes Bundle, created in collaboration with Vertigo Games. For $299 you get everything in the early bird tier plus the zombie shooter, the first with native Cybershoes integration.


If you already own a pair of Cybershoes and want to add Oculus Quest support, then go for the $49 reward which is just for the “CyQuest” receiver.

When it comes to other compatible videogames, Cybershoes has tested The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and while there isn’t native support, the team says the shoes have: “also been tested to work well with Cybershoes.” Additionally, for PC VR owners, Cybershoes now works with Population: One, Phasmophobia, The Walking Dead Onslaught and Thief Simulator.

Cybershoes is looking to raise $30,000 from this latest Kickstarter and has already passed $6k (by the time of writing). There are also several stretch goals listed including a Cybershoes app, fitness tracker, and height adjustment. As the campaign continues, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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