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Flow Weaver

First Gameplay Trailer for Magical Puzzler Flow Weaver Arrives

Sign-up now for closed-beta testing on Oculus Quest.

Stitch Media and Silverstring Media announced Flow Weaver last month, a new puzzle adventure being designed for Oculus headsets. Today, the teams have revealed a new gameplay trailer, further details about the project as well as looking for closed-beta participants.

Flow Weaver

Flow Weaver is described as a ‘multidimensional escape room’, where you’re trapped in a single room but are able to control ‘Flows’ a way of moving between dimensions which overlap the material world. You therefore have to navigate between them, solving puzzles which can link across dimensions and hopefully make your escape.

Today’s gameplay trailer showcases not only the tower within which you are held prisoner but also several of these other locations; the Shadowrealm, the Underworld, and the Feylands.

All the gameplay is entirely seated so it should be a comfortable experience over the three-hour duration the studios project it’ll take. Explaining the choice to remain seated, the developer said: “We noticed that a majority of VR games had players standing, using a wide range of movement, and that this didn’t encourage users to remain in these games or experiences for an extended period of time. We focus on ‘long play sessions’ that allow a stronger narrative and free up the physical limitations of the user.”

Flow Weaver

It’ll include an original soundtrack by Canadian composer, Devin Vibert (Glitchhikers, Selling Sunlight) whilst Ciarán Strange (Borderlands 3) will voice the Flow Weaver.

Flow Weaver is under development for the Oculus Quest platform and Oculus Rift, with a launch slated for 2021. If you like the look of the title the studios are currently offering an early-access version of Flow Weaver for closed-beta testing. The beta is only for Oculus Quest, you can sign up via the official website. Or follow this link for a little web game set in the tower.

As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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