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Nreal Light

Award-Winning App Styly Now Supports Nreal Light

View Styly content in mixed reality, when Nreal Light is available.

Psychic VR Lab, the Japanese studio behind XR content creation platform Styly has announced a new app specifically for the Nreal Light mixed reality (MR) glasses. Called Styly for Nreal, the app allows creators to distribute their work via the recently released device.

Styly for Nreal Light

Available through Google Play, Styly for Nreal enables Nreal Light users to view cutting-edge immersive artworks from artists around the world. The app is merely a viewing tool rather than a creative one, all the has to be created on Styly Studio, Psychic VR Lab’s web-based platform.

Styly has been available for a couple of years now, initially supporting virtual reality (VR) before moving into augmented reality (AR) and MR earlier this year. The platform is built around ease of use, so that creators don’t need any programming knowledge to build works. To see what has been created with Styly you can see the nominees for the NEWVIEW Awards 2020, the third year this has been held.

Psychic VR Lab won an award itself recently, winning VRFocus’ very own The Better-Than-Reality Awards last week. The public voted for Styly AR as the Best AR App, beating a strong lineup of rivals.

Styly for Nreal Light

Whilst accessing the Styly app might be easy, at the moment the real difficulty is in acquiring the Neal Light. The smartphone connect MR glasses first arrived in South Korea during the summer followed by Japan. As for western shores there’s still a bit of a wait, Vodafone has confirmed it’ll begin distribution in Europe starting in the Spring beginning with Germany and Spain. 

As Qualcomm unveiled earlier this year when discussing its XR2 5G platform, there is going to be an influx of these ‘XR Viewers’ like the Nreal Light. Smaller, lightweight devices which offer new communication and entertainment possibilities without the limitations suffered by mobile VR headsets like Gear VR.

As further updates for Styly and Nreal Light are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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