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Synth Riders

British Rockers Muse Featuring in Synth Riders’ Next Music Pack

A new Power-ups update arrives today.

When it comes to rhythm-action videogames winning over fans, they need to have a combination of addictive gameplay and stellar tunes to enjoy. Today, Kluge Interactive has announced a ‘Power-Ups’ update is rolling out for Synth Riders whilst a new music pack is soon to arrive featuring alternative rock band Muse.

Synth Riders

The ‘Power-Ups’ update is a free multiplayer addition, enhancing the mode with racer-style boosts and attacks. With the multiplayer mode supporting up to 10-players, they’ll now be able to access an arsenal consisting of two boosts and seven attacks to send to each other, trying to win the match in the process.

Some of these power-ups include “Embiggen” turning notes into beach balls, “Warp” will suddenly make the notes approach at a ludicrous speed and then there’s the “Invaders” attack where spaceships target an opponent with projectiles.

Power-Ups made our whole team smile and laugh during testing and we are excited to finally share them with our entire community! We hope our players will have lots of laughs and unforgettable moments playing Synth Riders multiplayer with their friends and family,” said Abraham Aguero Benzecri – Creative Director in a statement.

Synth Riders

As for new music, Kluge Interactive will be releasing its third DLC music pack, Synthwave Essentials 2, on 14th January 2020. At the moment only Muse has been confirmed, no details yet regarding which of their songs have been licensed. The last music pack Cyberpunk Essentials arrived back in August with a total of 10 songs.

Synth Riders isn’t the only VR title trying to attract players with big-name bands. Rival Beat Saber has been doing this for a while, adding the likes of K-pop band BTS, rock band Linkin Park and Timbaland to its roster in 2020.

Synth Riders is available for Oculus Quest as well as PC VR headsets like HTC Vive, Valve Index and Oculus Rift, with the ‘Power-Ups’ update available on them all. As further updates are released for Synth Riders, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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