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Traffic Jams - Key Art

Control Amsterdam ‘Traffic Jams’ in Q1 2021

Coming to most major VR headsets.

Little Chicken Game Company and Vertigo Games are currently working on the rather unique virtual reality (VR) title Traffic Jams, today releasing further info. Originally due for launch this year, the team has published a new developer video showcasing more of the videogame including a new location.

Traffic Jams

Featuring Little Chicken Game Company’s CEO Yannis Bolman, he goes into detail regarding the VR mechanics and chaotic gameplay that awaits players. The studio wanted to create easy to understand distractions as well as natural gestures for anyone to intuitively pickup.

“The first feature we added was an angry wasp,” Bolman explains in the video. “It was easy to recognize and understand, and flailing your arms around on a busy intersection seemed like a fun way to confuse the drivers waiting for your signal. From that point on, we just kept adding more and more funny and absurd ideas!”

As a tongue-in-cheek traffic jam simulator where players have to deal with vehicles and pedestrians alike, there are plenty of weird and wonderful events taking place such as zombie pedestrians to buildings spontaneously catching fire to distract them. Even the occasional meteorite will appear to heat things up. 

Traffic Jams

Bolman also reveals how many cities will feature: “In the final game there will be 5 different locations that each have its own set of challenges. We’re taking you to our home town: Amsterdam where we’ll introduce a whole new challenge: a tram that stops for nothing!”

While the original concept was a single-player experience, Traffic Jams has expanded to offer solo and multiplayer co-op modes. Up to 4 non-VR friends can all join in via a (couch) party mode.

Traffic Jams is now scheduled for a Q1 2021 launch on Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index. For further updates on the comedy title, keep reading VRFocus.

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